Goal 180 - Tool

If you’re a young working professional with aspirations of achieving financial independence and living your dream lifestyle, there’s a straightforward strategy for creating wealth.
  • The key is to focus on developing a valuable skill,
  • Earning a high salary,
  • consistently increasing your income.
  • It’s important to avoid taking on unnecessary debt and
  • to invest a significant portion of your income.
  • By consistently increasing your investments each year, you will be able to accumulate a significant amount of wealth over the course of the first 180 months of your career.
To help you achieve your financial goals, BeyondMoney has created a powerful tool called GOAL180. This tool is designed to help you calculate how much you can accumulate by investing a certain percentage of your income over 180 months. Additionally, it will show you how much passive income you can expect to earn after the 180-month investment period. This is the investing and harvesting phase.
If you’re serious about creating wealth and achieving financial freedom, I highly recommend checking out GOAL180. This powerful tool is an essential tool for any young professional looking to take control of their financial future.