Craft Your Dreamlife with Beyond Money

Tailored Mutual Fund Strategies for Busy Professionals Seeking More Than Wealth

Have you ever wondered why 76% of High achieving professionals can never be financially independent?

Wake up. Work your socks off. Sleep exhausted. Repeat

The process goes on and on and on like your finger is stuck on a repeat button. why?

Why is making more money unable to solve your financial problems?

Why did you feel stuck in a financial grind and frustrated with no time for your own wants and hobbies?

why you felt locked in a vicious circle of earning more and spending more.

Ring any bells…!!!

Don’t worry you are not the only one, 75% of indian working professionals who make good money are in this TRAP.

What's The Answer to This Trap?

It is Financial Independence

Financial Independence is the status of having sufficient money and utilizing it in a way that you can live your dream life without depending on your stressful nine to five job. It allows you to hit the “eject button” in any situation and still maintain your current lifestyle. move on with your life.

You can begin your journey to financial freedom by reading this ebook, YOUR BLUEPRINT TO FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

Why Beyond Money is Your Best Option?

If your goal is to live a financially free and happy life, Beyond Money is your Destination.

You need to prudently manage your money to live well today while still planning responsibly for tomorrow. You can't escape the rat race unless you invest your money in something that makes your money more money. You need to let the process of compounding interest take
its effect. You should only use the money to make more money.

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Below are just some of the countless benefits you’ll experience:

Girish Pitlamkar

Founder and CEO

Meet The Founder

You decide: Continue working for money or make money work for you?

I am Girish.

I meet people like you everyday who are focused on building their lives and dreams and are determined to manage them efficiently. You do not want all your hard work to go down the drain because of poor financial decisions.

This is why I started Beyond Money. I help high-achieving professionals like you get on the right path towards fulfillment for you, your family, and your finances. I call this the path of financial well-being – a life without financial regrets.