Arindam Mukherjee

COO - Brigade Enterprises. Banglore

Having dealt with your company for some time now I am glad to acknowledge the pro activeness of your company towards customer’s needs. I also noticed the personal touch you bring to the table and your understanding of the customers concerns/requirements.
You make business look easy with you.
Surely I would recommend your company to many others.
I wish you and your company all the best.

Ashish P

Girish helped giving structure to our financial planning, especially on important goals such as children's education, retirement, etc. He also made us realize that there is no silver bullet or one mode of investment that can achieve all financial goals. We had several questions about mutual fund choices, who manages the fund remittances, what level of control the financial advisor/agent has on our mutual funds etc. and he was patient in explaining those.

Smit Shanker

The Adecco Group

Girish has been handling a part of my investment portfolio for over 5 years now. He is extremely balanced and insightful in his approach always looking at consolidating strategic gains. Under his oversight, the portfolio has grown and consolidated. If you are looking for guidance for your investment decisions, you can truly bank on his advice.

Y.S Sharma


Mr. Girish is our Advisor in financial matters for the last Five years. I would like to mention that his foresight and timely action helped in improving our assets, specifically, in many of the Mutual Fund schemes. He promptly responds to our queries and issues immediately. This is a boon for a retired person like me. I wish him and his team success in their present and future ventures.

Maya Sharma


Girish has been excellent in his assessment and explanations. He also took the time during our meetings to listen, and understand our financial issues as well as looking for solutions. Girish provides great insights for Financial planning. Passion, knowledge, and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes him a truly professional Financial Adviser. We are absolutely delighted with his service.

Devendra Rathor


With Girish's help, I started investing in MF SIPs in 2014. The last few years have been phenomenal, to say the least. Girish makes it very simple to understand the complex dynamics that are in play in any capital market. He has a scientific approach to market investment wherein he keeps in mind your risk appetite to design the portfolio. The best part is that Girish makes all the paperwork look so simple, all his service offerings are 100% digital with no physical presence required whatsoever (comes very handy in today's pandemic era)!

Shravan Karpuram

Raytex IT Systems

I have been working with Girish for almost a decade now and found him to be extremely reliable and honest with his financial advice. He always keeps the client's interests first and works for me and not the mutual fund houses. His knowledge about the market and fundamentals of investing are sound and based on solid facts. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for independent financial advisory services.


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Dinakar Atukuri

Deloitte Hyderabad

Girish is the best financial adviser I met till date. Before meeting him, I tried various organizations/advisers regarding my financial situation. I found their suggestions were based on a few generic templates which would not suit my personal need. Girish has a totally different approach in gathering data, analyzing the situation and coming up with action plan. He brings his years of experience in providing personalized plan. I trust him to make sure that I get the best returns on my investments.
One of his major strengths (which others lack) is following up with customers. He has periodic calls with me on implementation of his suggestions. He ensures that I am on track to achieve my goals and constantly evaluates future course of actions. The ensured that my monthly investments increased 5 folds in 4 years.
He is very responsive which is an added advantage when I want to take adhoc decisions.
I recommend Girish as financial advisor to anyone. He is the best!!!