I started Beyond Money to save you from the financial mistakes that I made.

Hi, I'm Girish

Let me tell you the full truth,
I am now known as the financial expert of the family. Having helped more than 200 families in achieving their financial goals and ensuring their financial well-being, I believe the title is well earned. But do you think I was always the expert?

If you do, then I have some news for you.

That's not true.

I was once a man who was a mess when it came to finances. I wish we were taught the nitty-gritty of money and wealth from our schooling days instead of finding the value of x and y but anyways.

When I started working, I took home a decent salary. Along with that I also made good money from company incentive schemes. Then one fine day, I decided to buy a house. After quite a hassle, I took a loan from an NBFC and bought the house only to realize I was now paying my entire fixed income as the EMI. Things were still going fine but after a few months, my company changed the incentive scheme and that's when I began to panic. I had a huge loan on my shoulders, had a family to provide for and it truly got chaotic to manage it all. I took debts to pay the existing EMI, maxed out my credit cards, changed jobs for a better salary and did whatnot.

Life had taken a complete U-Turn on me.

For the next 6 years, I could not sit in peace. I did everything possible to get myself out of the deep-rooted effects of the huge debt.

But my story doesn't end here.

Let me tell you one fact straight up,

A middle-class family is just one medical bill away from being penniless.And I speak this from experience.

Like many others, I didn't pay heed to medical insurance in my early days and that led me to the worst disaster of my life. I kept delaying the renewal of my father’s health insurance and ultimately missed the deadline. 3 months after that, my father was diagnosed with tongue cancer. He was a man with strong willpower, I saw him battling hard but after 7 months of suffering he surrendered to this gut-wrenching disease. By the end of his treatment, we had paid 12 Lakhs, were left with no savings, and that left me moneyless again.

Worse, I underestimated the colossal power finances have over relationships and family. It didn't take long for them to be affected too. I lost hope trapped in a dysfunctional financial pattern.

This led me on a quest to learn how money works, how I could control it, and develop the confidence to manage it.

I soon discovered something powerful and rather uncomfortable in my mirror.
I realized all my money problems were a reflection of me. If I could manage my character, I would win with my finances as well.

I learnt that financial decision is to be taken with utmost care. I then worked really hard to educate myself on every aspect of finance and that's when I came to know that I'm not the only one who suffered such problems.

That was another turning point for me.

I wanted to help. I felt like it’s my duty to help people avoid making financial mistakes and that’s why I am here with Beyond Money today.

I bring 15+ years of experience to the table with Beyond Money. My expertise as a Financial Advisor has helped many families attain their financial goals which helps them live freely and happily.

What do we do?

Financial decisions can make or break a family’s future. Hence, we are here to guide you along the way, assisting you with the problems you face in financial decision making, ensuring you make the best of decisions. We focus on syncing your life goals to your financial goals which results in a beautiful happy & satisfied life for you and your family.

Our Vision

To make Beyond Money, the financial services team of choice, a go-to financial solution provider who gives the highest value and makes managing finances easier for everyone.

Our Mission

To help millions of people attain financial growth and peace and lead them onto the path of financial well-being.