How to Enjoy Life Today and Still Plan Responsibly For Tomorrow?

Lifestyle creep Plan Responsibly

Most times, creating a balance between momentary spending and savings can be very challenging. There are scenarios where you bury yourself in worries about investing for tomorrow and end-up short-changing immediate needs. There are also times when you may not meet up due to unexpected events. Trust me! It happens a lot. It’s a cycle […]

Bad Money Habits to Drop, Good Money Habits To Build

Finance Money Is A Tool

Both good and bad money habits are not inborn or hereditary. Individuals usually cultivate those financial habits with time. However, building good money habits comes through distinctive financial control and management. To improve your financial situation effectively, you should know the bad money habits to drop and the good ones to build. We’ve prepared this […]

Money Is A Tool, So Stop Treating It Treating As A Goal

Finance Money Is A Tool

Once upon a time, during a finance seminar, a lady in her mid-thirties asked a question that made all eyes in the room turn and focus on her. “Is it bad to wish to make more money?” She asked before pausing to take a long deep breath. “I want to make more money, but will […]

How Lifestyle creep can impact your wealth (And how to avoid it)

Lifestyle creep Plan Responsibly

Earning money as you progress in your career feels great. It could be you getting a raise or even a bonus at work. Either way, you put in the work, land the extra income, and feel ready to boost your budget. And if you’re like most people, the more you earn, the more you spend. […]

Where does it come from?

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Why do we use it?

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